The Ultimate Guide on Growing Your Social Media Following, Part II

In Part I of my 2-part series on Growing Your Social Media Following, I outlined all the necessary research needed to build a strong foundation for optimizing your business on social media. If you haven't read that post, please go back and give it a read before continuing Part II. Why? Because ignoring to develop a strong foundation or online presence can ultimately make or break many new start-ups or small businesses.

OK, so you've done your research and set-up your business profiles on the RIGHT platforms. Now what ?

1. Optimize Your Profiles

Improving your social media profile is a super easy way to up the value of your business in the online world. Think of your profile as a potential follower’s first impression of your company. You want your growing audience to know exactly what your business is about and be immediately attracted to what you do. To optimize this, make sure your profile is in good shape:

  • Choose an easily identifiable username and profile photo.
  • Write a clear and compact (no rambling!) description of your business, explaining who you are and what you do.
  • Place an easy-to-see and trackable link back to your main website (Hint: Google Analytics).

As you work on updating your profile, remember to maintain similar style and branding throughout your social media platforms. As your business grows, you want your followers to be able to see consistency in your online presence.


2. Invest In Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most used social networking site in the world, and is the main source of communication and sharing to millions of people. Learn why from my blog post on paid ads.

Think about it, how many times have you checked your Facebook today, or this week? Having your business advertised will give you an incredible reach to literally hundreds of thousands of potential followers. Better still, Facebook has the amazing ability to show your content to targeted followers who will most likely invest in your growing company.

Not only is it wise to invest in Facebook advertising, it’s surprisingly affordable! Even with a small budget of $3 a day, your business can be exposed to hundreds of potential followers. Read more tips on advertising with Facebook on my June post here.


3. Grow Your Social Media Offline

Creating in-person connections for your business can also be very beneficial in growing your following online. Meeting people face-to-face can spark a deep sense of brand loyalty and appreciation from followers, and can generate more interest for your company. Try joining local organizations that target your specific demographic and promote your business by helping out your community. Volunteer to speak at a conference or meeting, and educate an interested audience in who you are and what you do, driving new followers to your website. Collaborate with other businesses to help each other grow, building more company relationships and recommendations.

4. Strategize For Engagement

Growing a strong social media following isn’t all about numbers, it’s also based on how your followers react and interact with your content. You could have a million followers on a given platform, but unless they’re genuinely interested about investing in your business, it won’t do you much good! Take some time to come up with a working strategy for engaging your current followers, potential followers, and potential influencers on social media:

  • Make sure all of your content is interesting, useful, and sharable to your followers.
  • Engage with your followers - write back to them, like their posts, and show that you genuinely care about people who invest in your business.
  • Participate in online discussions that relate to your industry or target audience.
  • The main point here is to be proactive. By creating a consistent and steady dialogue between your business and your followers, your social media engagement will grow!  


5. Share Your Content!

It’s simple: if you’re not putting your business out there where people can see it, they’re not going to see it! Sharing your company’s story on a daily basis online can go a long way in growing your following. In fact, you need to be sharing your content on social media 10 times more than you think you should!

During the day, most users tend to check social media one or two times - which means posting once a day, at only one time per day, will not reach all of your followers. By sharing your posts multiple times (and in different ways) everyday, you can be sure that your audience sees your content consistently, creating a bond between you and your followers.


6. Hire A Social Media Manager

Remember, it is never too early or too late to outsource your social media management! Social Media Managers know exactly how to build a social media following, grow engagement across different social media platforms, and consistently drive follower traffic back to your website.

We're here to manage all of your accounts, keep your profiles current, stay on top of online trends and create valuable content for all of my clients! Learn more about my SMM services here and stay tuned for my next blog post on the 3rd Thursday of October.