Five Steps You Can Take to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Starting a business is no easy task to complete. What makes it even harder is trying to figure out how to drive traffic to your website. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and plain old email newsletters can be confusing, time consuming, and potentially expensive. I know how hard it can be to get more traffic to your site, which is why I’m going to share five things you can do to get that traffic!

Start Blogging

If you don’t have a blog set up yet, set one up right now. Blogs are easy to manage because you can promote them on all your social media platforms to make sure everyone who follows you sees it. You can also promote your blogs for months to come (as long as they are still timely and relevant). Blogging also helps establish you as an authority and can boost your ranking in search engines if you’re using keywords for SEO.

Get Social

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and it’s growing at an alarming rate. If you aren’t using social media marketing, you are missing out. You can create ads on all platforms that can target your perfect customer, you can share blog posts, and you can further establish your authority.

Market Your Content

You want your company to be a well of information that your customers can draw from. Creating content such as blog posts or social media posts will allow your business to become the go-to place for customer questions or facts. If you become an authority on what your brand is selling through content marketing, you’ll begin to see your business thrive in the online marketplace.

Offer Customers Something Free

Before you freak out about giving something away, think about it… If you’re on a website and they offer you something free, like a Facebook Marketing Plan or Social Media Audit, and this just happens to be what you’ve been searching for, how happy does this free item make you? Once visitors to your site click on the free item, they can then be taken through a funnel which can result in them purchasing your big ticket item. This whole process is called a Sales Funnel and it can be extremely helpful in not only getting website traffic, but also converting your leads to sales. 

Learn About Your Target Audience

All of the items I mentioned above are useless unless you know exactly who you want visiting your website. Your created content (blog and social media posts) and free offers won’t be helpful to the wrong demographic. You can learn more about your intended audience by asking yourself who you want help. Once you’ve done that, think like them, think of keywords they might use to find companies like yours, research other websites or blogs they might use, and use analytic reports to see which of your posts, blogs, etc. are doing well. The more tailored your content can be, the more traffic you will have!

While there are many ways to drive traffic to your website, I find these ways to be particularly helpful. You can start out slow by starting a blog and promoting it on your social platforms, or you can go all in and set up a sales funnel. No matter how you go about it though, get ready for tons of traffic!

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