Should You Be Using Snapchat?

Welcome to 2017, a time when you get “news” from social media, if you don’t have an Instagram you may as well not even exist, and a dog filter has taken the world by storm. The dog filter I’m referring to is courtesy of Snapchat. Not only can you turn yourself into an adorable dog, but you can become a high-pitched bunny, a flower-crown-wearing beauty, or a googly-eyed monster. And you can use most of these filters with a friend. Snapchat has become more and more popular and is growing and expanding daily and businesses are taking notice. They are using the platform to grow their social media presence and to market directly to their audiences.  

So, should your business be using Snapchat? This infographic from WebPageFX via HubSpotBlog should help you answer that! 

Whether or not you decide to use the picture-disappearing platform, you have to appreciate its funny filters, its off-the-charts growth, and its simplicity.