Why Promoting Your Business Online NEVER Goes As Planned

When was the last time something went according to your plan? Did you plan to wake up early but really ended up hitting the snooze button seven times? Did you plan on making a healthy dinner the other night but stopped by Qdoba on your way home instead? Have you started promoting your business online and planned on it really taking off, only to discover you have no new “likes,” follows, leads, or sales? Unfortunately, this is the way of life, especially when it comes to social media. You can have everything figured out, all your posts planned and nothing can come from it. So, why is this happening?

Below I’ve outlined some common reasons that promoting your business online might not be going according to your plan.


You’re only posting “organic posts” on your social media profiles

First and foremost, organic posts are posts that you have not boosted. They are seen by people who happen to be online when you post it or scroll down enough to come across it. Boosted posts are posts that you have paid for to be seen by everyone or a specific demographic. Organic posts are fine, but according to OutboundEngine, “...social platforms like Facebook use an algorithm to prevent business posts from inundating people’s feeds, making organic reach very limited…”  This means that you have to boost some of your posts. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to sell your soul to the ‘book. A simple $10 can help a post reach 4,000 more people!

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 10.09.43 AM.png


Your website is SEO optimized, but it doesn’t have valuable content

You’ve researched your keywords, integrated them into your copy, and made it to a top spot on Google’s search page. Don’t expect to keep that top spot if your content isn’t valuable, though. Your content will help build trust with your customers. Once they trust you, they will come back to your website over and over again. If your content isn’t building that trust, they’ll stop clicking on your site. In order to post valuable content, do your research, take your time, and edit your work (and then edit it again!).


You assume your content is good enough to go viral

You can’t assume that every single thing you post is good/funny/creative enough to go viral. Going viral is ridiculously hard and doesn’t make much sense (remember #TheDress? Was it blue and black or gold and white?!). Instead of focusing on going viral, focus on which posts are doing well, which posts have the highest reach, and what people are responding to. This will help your company grow its online presence more than focusing on going viral will.


You’ve spent $0 and 0 effort on finding your audience online and warming them up to your product with brand awareness

You can’t expect to make a business page on Facebook, start posting things, and have instant success. You have to spend a decent amount of time researching your target audience. Once you have that established, you need to spend time and money on brand awareness via social media marketing. Everything from using the right photos and videos to engaging with people on social media platforms can help you raise brand awareness with your target audience.


You’re trying to sell too much— TELL your story instead!

Instead of flooding your social media profiles with, “Buy this!” or “Try this," you should try telling people why they need what you’re selling. For example, if you’re a life coach trying to get your business growing, instead of selling your services to people, tell them what made you decide to become a life coach, share with them the benefits you’ve experienced. You can do this by writing blogs and posting the links or making specific advertisements using direct quotes. Telling your story will make people trust in you and the product or service you’re selling.


Promoting a business online is never easy. Don’t expect instant success. After all, Rome wasn’t built overnight. Expect this process to take time, money, and research. Make sure you’re posting both organic and boosted posts, don’t expect to go viral, make sure your content is valuable (and SEO optimized), and tell your story.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need help promoting your business online!