The Meaningful Way Facebook is Changing Your Newsfeed in 2018

You've probably heard by now that Facebook is making a change. If you have a Business Page on Facebook or are a digital marketer, this is a BIG change. Mark Zuckerberg announced that your Newsfeed will no longer be a place to find trending or relevant content. It will shift to a place where you can have meaningful social interactions. As WordStream puts it, "Good for humans, bad for (most) brands."

So what are we supposed to do to make sure branded content still reaches people? One way to adapt to this change is by create a Facebook Group from your Business Page!

Groups may be the answer to all our questions. They are, after all, meant to promote insightful and meaningful discussions. Once you create a group, you'll be able to invite your current Business Page followers to join the group. It's important to note that you can't add people to the Group. They have to join. To make sure that your Business Page followers join, you can create a pinned post for your Business Page, share the Group on your own Facebook page and ask family and friends to do the same, and post about it on other social media platforms. Then, you can continue posting inside the Group where posts will show up in members' Notifications, guaranteeing that more people are seeing your content. 

Right now we're not sure what Facebook's ultimate plan is. They might move branded content to a "Discover" page, or they might not. Either way though, businesses and marketers have to be proactive about the algorithm change. Growing your business on Facebook is still possible, it just might take a little more work and (meaningful) time to do. 

Come back next month to learn exactly how to create a Group that will benefit your business page. 

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