Your Guide to Facebook Groups

Last month we wrote about how Facebook is changing their algorithm to focus on more meaningful content making its way to your Newsfeed. We suggested that you create a Facebook Group on your Business Page to keep your followers interested and promote engagement and interaction. We promised that we would give you a more in depth guide to how to set up these Groups. 

Before you create your Group, you have to decide how and why you'll use the Group. Social Media Examiner suggests using them to create community around products, establish authority, or create a topic-focused community. Once you've decided that, you can create your Group! You can name it, set your privacy, and type. 

Once that's all done, you can start inviting people to your Group. Who you invite will depend on your Group type. You'll want to "focus on people your Group serves and find out who they are." You should create a content calendar that will provide you with content specific to your Group. Any content you post should promote engagement and spark conversations. This will keep your Group relevant. You can also do specific things to encourage engagement like having challenges, tutorials, live Q&A sessions, quizzes, polls, and daily themed prompts. 

Aside from being a work around to Facebook's new algorithm, Groups are a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, create a community, and find new customers. 

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