VIDEOS: Why You Need Them in Your Marketing Strategy

Videos have recently become a very important strategy for marketers. Their benefits include boosted SEO scores on Google, higher CTRs on emails, and more. If you aren't using videos in your marketing strategy, you definitely should be. Keep reading to find out exactly why videos have become such a popular marketing method.  

Videos Improve SEO 

Not only are people more likely to watch videos, but when you have a properly search engine optimized video on your website's homepage, it is 53 percent more likely to be shown on the front page of Google's search results. You can optimize your video by using keywords in your title and transcribing your video. 

People Pay More Attention to and Engage With Videos 

We know that visual content is an important part to engagement, and videos are no exception to that. Videos are more likely to grab a viewers interest and keep them interested. According to the Content Marketing Institute, audiences are 10 times more likely to share, comment on, or engage with videos than any other media, earning them the highest engagement rates on Facebook.

Videos Help Email Click Through Rates 

Not only do videos work well on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but adding them to your emails is an amazing way to get higher click through rates. This is a good strategy to use when announcing something big that you want people to see. 

Videos Create Stronger Emotional Connections

Videos are able to convey emotions more than any other type of content because people are able to see/hear facial expressions, tone of voice, and music. All of which can have an immediate and/or lasting effect on the intended audience. 

Videos Create Higher Retention Rates and Increased Customer Conversion 

Sixty-five percent of viewers will watch more than 3/4s of a video. They keep people interested longer than any text based ad and, because of Facebook's autoplay feature, are hard to ignore. Not only do they create higher retention rates, but they are more likely to create customers. According to, "...research shows that 71 percent of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content." 

The marketing world is ever-changing, but because videos produce higher SEO scores and engagement rates, increased CTRs and higher retention and conversion rates, and can create emotional connections they should be a part of your marketing strategy. Even if you're new to video, you can start small and measure the results yourself. You'll see how important videos are to your marketing strategy and want to incorporate them even more. 


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