What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is all the rage lately. It's everywhere you look and on every social media platform you visit. It's your favorite blogger writing about a brand of cosmetics they "love," it's a model wearing a certain brand of clothes, it's a celebrity strategically placing a pack of tea in their Instagram photo. Influencer marketing is all around us, and it certainly isn't new. It's just becoming more and more popular because marketers have realized how well it works. 

In order to use influencer marketing, you have to understand what an influencer is. Not to be confused with someone who is popular and has a lot of followers, an influencer is someone who can actually persuade people to change the way they think or act (hence the word influence). For marketers, this means they will help other people buy from you. They do this via their Reach, Contextual Credibility, and Salesmanship. For example, you're not going to trust what someone says about ski goggles if they've never been skiing, only have a few hundred followers, and can't tell you why these ski goggles are the best. 

To work with influencers, you can pay them. As Forbes says, "Advertisers have used celebrities in their campaigns for decades. Marketers are essentially borrowing their credibility and familiarity to sell a product." Technically, however, this is a celebrity endorsement and not quite influencer marketing as we think of it today. You can also borrow an influencer's reach, which is how most marketers use influencer marketing. To do this, you look for someone with a hefty social media following and you pay them to advertise your product. All those Instagram posts you see that have #sponsored are using this tactic.

The best scenario for influencer marketing, though, involves NO money, believe it or not! It's an understanding that both you and the influencer need each other. The influencer wants to be recognized and have the newest information before any other influencers. Marketers with successful and interesting products will surely have some inside info to share with an influencer. 

This type of marketing doesn't happen overnight. It's all about building an honest and sincere relationship with an influencer. You have to be dedicated and focused. When done right, influencer marketing is ridiculously successful. It combines the reach, credibility, and salesmanship of influencers to promote your product to consumers. 


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