Who's Who on Facebook in 2018

Facebook is on everyone’s mind lately. Whether you love it, hate it, or don’t really have an opinion, you know it’s a powerhouse and has the ability to reach millions. Your mom is on it, your great aunt is on it, your grade school best friend is on it. But who else is on there? Who else is using the social media platform?

As of March 2018, Facebook has 2.13 billion active monthly users. Seventy-nine percent of Americans use the platform, and a little more than half use it several times a day. Fifty million businesses use Facebook Pages and posts on these pages have a 3.2% organic reach.

Facebook Demographic Statistics:

  • 83% of users are women

  • 75% of users are men

  • 39.4 million users are between the ages of 18-24

  • 58.3 million users are between the ages of 25-34

  • 42.4 million users are between the ages of 35-44

  • 35.4 million users are between the ages of 45-54

  • 26.5 million users are between the ages of 55-64

  • 21.1 million users are over 65

  • 44% of users 18 and older identify as women and 56% identify as men

  • 62% of users have some type of university education

These statistics help prove that marketing your business via Facebook really is worth it. No other social media platform has this many users of each age range. If, on the off chance, you aren’t using Facebook, this is your wake up call that you definitely should be.

Despite the algorithm change, Facebook will continue to be an important tool for marketers. Its wide range of users, ability to make Groups, and access to highly targeted ads make it irreplaceable.

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*all statistics taken from wordstream.com