Beginners Guide: Creating Content

The backbone of any good digital marketing strategy is the quality of your curated online content. And unless your business already employs a blogger or photo journalist to produce ‘created content,’ creating a content marketing strategy can be daunting. Some companies put it off altogether thinking that creating content will be too time consuming without enough benefits or payoff. But that’s where they’re wrong! Not only is content marketing crucial to the success of a growing business, it also brings about awareness and the growth of loyal customers.

Is content marketing really necessary for all types of businesses?

Yes. Just like social media, content marketing allows new customers to find you, take an interest in what you’re saying, and share it with their network and your other potential customers. Created content puts your company on the digital map and without it, your company is most likely to fall to the side of your competitors.

Content is not a "lead generator" but a "trust builder

You want your company to be a well of information that your customers can draw from. Creating content such as blog posts or social media posts will allow your business to become the go-to place for customer questions or facts. If you become an authority on what your brand is selling through content marketing, you’ll begin to see your business thrive in the online marketplace.

Without content, your business will never rank on the first pages of search engines

Creating content is one of the only ways to build your site pages and reach top ranking spots on search engines. If you pull up a popular search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, and search for a subject on anything, a list of top ranking websites will pop up. If you want to be part of that list of websites, you’re going to need to create quality content!

Regularity, competition, and relevance are all key factors

One of the biggest struggles is consistency. Create a calendar to ensure you are regularly posting new content on your company’s blog page and updating social media posts on a daily basis. Your competition is most likely doing this as well and it’s important to keep up on what works and doesn’t work for your competitors. You should also make sure to post quality content that’s relevant to your customer’s needs and questions, so be sure to take time creating great posts that customers will want to read and share.

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