Guidelines & Tips for Influencer Marketing

Last month, we wrote about influencer marketing; what it is, what it means, and how it can help your business. Now that you've decided whether or not working with influencers is right for your business, here are some tips and guidelines that will ensure you're following all the rules and getting the most out of your influencer marketing strategy! 

Follow FTC Rules 

Influencers and business have to be transparent about what is a paid sponsored post. In order to avoid any legal trouble, ensure your hired influencer tags or comments which posts are #ads. You don't want to deceive your audience and clearly depicting the posts that are paid will make sure there's no confusion.

Don't Limit Your Sponsorship to Instagram

When you think about influencer marketing, you probably automatically think of Instagram and the many influencers using that platform. Instagram will likely stay on top of the charts when it comes to this type of marketing, but you can also use Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter! 

Create Something Useful, Not Another Ad

 Posts from influencers don't have to look a certain way or even like a traditional "ad." You can get more creative with it! Have your influencer show their audience how to use your product instead of just saying "sponsored by." Great content is meant to entertain, teach, and engage with people, so keep that in mind when building your influencer campaign! 

Work With YouTube

Some brands, as I'm sure you'll remember, pulled low-performing ads from YouTube in 2017, which has helped brands save money, but has decreased the income of content creators on the platform. Now, these content creators "have to look for other revenue sources to make up for the lost ad dollars. And one way to do that is by working directly with brands through sponsored content, product reviews and partnership deals."

Influencer marketing is as popular as ever, and because people can make so much money being an influencer, I don't suspect it's going away anytime soon. Hopefully, these tips and guidelines will help you roll out a successful influencer marketing campaign for your business and ensure you're not doing anything deceptive! 


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