Holiday Marketing Strategy Starts, NOW!

A great way to boost holiday sales for your business or brand is to stay ahead of the game - months ahead, in fact. And if you think we’re starting too early, you better think again! 

Your competition has been planning their marketing strategy and social media campaigns for this year’s holiday season months in advance. And waiting until the last minute to plan out your own seasonal strategy will definitely hurt your holiday sales. The weeks leading up to holiday celebrations are crucial in reaching the high volume of potential buyers, so it’s important to have a handle on the holidays before they sneak up on you.

Luckily, I’m here to help you out! Here are four of my holiday marketing tips to help you get started:

Holiday Hashtags
Create your own holiday hashtag and encourage your followers to use it. This will allow your followers to engage with your brand, spread awareness, and increase your holiday cheer. 

To create a hashtag, focus on using different emotions surrounding the holidays, such as happiness or gratitude, and don’t necessarily focus on including your own brand name. Have your hashtag serve a purpose, such as #shareagift, and come up with a good marketing strategy in rewarding followers who use it.  

Start Scheduling ASAP
All important dates should be covered and scheduled on your social media, email blasts, and blog posts. It’s crucial to increase your posting across platforms within the weeks before the holidays, so hiring a social media manager at this time could be very ideal, as you’ll need to plan out strategic blog content and emails with conceding social media posts in order to maximize your holiday sales.

Gift Giveaways and Promotions
Giveaways and promotions are a great way to increase holiday sales and drive traffic to your business. Planning out great product giveaways or gift recommendations that you know your customers will love will also increase the chances of followers sharing your brand with others. And you want to create as much of a buzz as possible!

Learn From Previous Holidays
Take the time to analyze any information you possibly can from your previous holiday season.

Where did sales traffic come from? What worked last year? Which was more effective, email blasts, social media campaigns, or paid ads? Are your customers on Instagram, Facebook or neither?

Google Analytics is a great tool to use in finding what worked for your business in years past. The more you learn about what has made you successful in holiday sales, the more you can improve and better your marketing strategy for this year’s holiday season.

Feeling overwhelmed? I can help! Complete the form below and let me know what you need to make this year a holiday success! 

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