Client: MaximusLife

*Sample Social Media Post

*Sample Social Media Post


MaximusLife is an activity tracking app that helps users stay active while generating donations for their favorite charities. Users complete challenge goals to earn points and win rewards, including celebrity endorsed flyways trips. Client relies heavily on social media to engage with and generate new users for their platform and challenges.

Client Goals:

  • Increase app installs on Apple iOS and Google Play
  • Increase social media presence
  • Increase user engagement (social sharing from app to Facebook and Twitter)

Client Challenges: 

Prior to hiring Wisp Digital, client struggled to get word out when they had a new challenge launch and were missing the mark on when, where, and how to promote content online and grow social awareness. 

Social Media Results: 

Social Media Presence Day 365:

  • Facebook, 68% year-over-year growth
    • March 2017 - 1,997 followers
  • Twitter, 61% year-over-year growth
    • March 2017 - 2,121 followers
  • Instagram, 90% year-over-year growth
    • March 2017 - 2,712 followers

Social Media Presence Day 21:

  • Facebook, 13% increase
    • March 2016 - 640 followers
  • Twitter, 23% increase
    • March 2016 - 825 followers
  • Instagram, 48% increase
    • March 2016 - 270 follower

      Organic Facebook Post

      Reached over 150,000 people without spending any money on boosting

      Twitter Monthly Overview

      May 1-27, 2017 - 100% organic 

      Instagram Post

      Pictured: Kellan Lutz